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Global Chef
Leading online supplier of a wide range of superior quality chefs uniforms and accessories.

We fully understand that as a chef, you require a uniform of the very best quality, style and that is both comfortable and durable. With our extensive experience we have a range of chefs uniforms that have been designed by chefs for chefs to give you and all our global chefs peace of mind that you are purchasing a uniform that will not only look, feel and function to the highest professional standards but will also provide you with excellent value for money.

Whether you are looking for a chef’s jacket, a kitchen shirt, some chef’s pants, a chef’s apron, a chef’s hat or neckwear, at Global Chef we have exactly what you need.

Our clients include prestigious hotels, restaurants, cafes, bistros, individual chefs as well as chef schools, laundries, airlines a wide variety of foodservice institutions and caterers. A key point of difference is we have worked in busy kitchens doing busy services and know what a uniform needs to do. We also know what quality and real value is. This is why we conciously choose to make our brands of chef wear in ethical ISO9001 accredited factories in order to meet the expectations of our discerning customers worldwide. 

With excellent quality, professionalism, great customer service, reliability, hands on experience and integrity being at the heart of everything we do here at Global Chef, our ultimate goal is to provide chefs with uniforms that can be worn with pride in a culinary community where all chefs are at the end of a busy shift truly Global Chefs. 

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