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Full Chef Uniform jacket and Pants, apron, hat and scarf
Chef waist apron
Chef hat

GLOBAL 5* Combo Kit

Global Chef
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Full Unisex Student Kit includes ONE complete set in the same size Jacket you choose for the entire kit.

This great value Chef Uniform Combination Kit by Global Chef® is the Premium Choice and includes:

1x A100 premium classic traditional double breasted chef jacket
1 x B100 premium traditional check super comfortable chef pants
1 x C100 Premium chef waist apron (One size)
1 x D100 premium flat-top chef Hat (appropriate size will be shipped e.g if you order size 2XL-4XL kit we will send you the largest size XL hat)
1 x E100 white chef scarf (One size fits all)

Top pick for students and 5 star hotels! 

Jacket Sizes
XXS - 28-31" (70-80cm)
XS - 32-35" (80-88cm)
SM - 35-38" (88-95cm)
REG (MED) - 38-41" (95-103cm)
LRG - 41-44" (103-110cm)
XL - 44-48" (110-120cm)
2XL - 48-52" (120-130cm)
3XL - 52-56" (130-140cm)
4XL - 56-60" (140-150cm)