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Knife Wrap - Global Chef
Knife Wrap - Global Chef
Knife Wrap - Global Chef

Knife Wrap

Global Chef
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This Wrap has 8 Pockets and is lockable (Padlock not supplied).

Knife Bag

Our Global Chef Toolkit Case is sturdy, attractive and will keep your tools and knives organised. Chefs specifically designed it for chefs, and it serves a particular purpose.

  • You do not want to put your knives in an ordinary bag not made to purpose as sharp tools may cut through and destroy it and whatever else you may be carrying.
  • A knife bag ought to have different compartments for diverse types of knives. The casing should protect the edges and keep anyone who is carrying it safe from injury.
  • Our lockable red knife wrap with eight pockets has easily accessible pockets that enable you to retrieve a specific knife while preventing scratches and cuts when hastily looking for the one you want.

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