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Proud supporter of mental health through The Head Chef

We have teamed up with The Head Chef in their mission for Better Mental Health in our Global Hospitality Community.

The Head Chef provides a central hub with links to key services, tips and tricks to help with mental health and to assist all chefs with information surrounding mental fitness.

"As an industry we face some of the most confronting topics on a regular basis. Due to the very antisocial nature of our industry we fall prey to battles with depression. We are often hit with waves of anxiety because of our high intensity work environments. It is no secret that because of our environment we are susceptible to drug and alcohol abuse. We have a high turnover of staff, we are susceptible to relationship trouble and if that’s not enough, we lose too many chefs to suicide. Because of all this and much more, as an industry, hospitality is definitely one of the toughest. But it is not all bad… with the same team work we use everyday. I believe, together we can overcome our struggle and support each other as an industry. Collectively we can make our kitchens a better place to work for all who enter our profession. We will endeavor to find ways to deal with our daily pressure and share what we discover openly and honestly."

Ryan Parker
The HEAD Chef

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