Buy any 5 Jackets only pay for 4

The real deal about quality

Most of us agree we live in a somewhat "throw away society". 

Things just don't last like they used to.

Feedback from our customers who regularly buy our Global Chef and Chef Revival brands and leave Google reviews say our products do stand the test of time.

From our point of view that's great to hear but comes as no surprise for the following reasons:

  1. Since we started back in 1986 we have been designing and making uniforms by chefs for chefs. Because the owner was a chef he really knows what the quality standard should be in a chefs uniform and aims to achieve this in every garment. This includes all our chefs uniforms, chef aprons and chef shoes.
  2. Our brand mills the fabrics we use to our own quality specs to ensure they meet the requirements of comfort, presentation and performance.
  3. Before we make our chef jackets, chef aprons, chef hats and chef pants we test our fabrics using the globally recognized INTERTEK testing agency. This is done to ensure consistency is maintained across the milling process.
  4. Chef Uniforms are stitched in an ISO9001 Quality Assured production factory. This ensures the people, machinery and processes are respected to deliver a consistent product every time.

So what's the real deal about quality?

The key is not to cut corners as your customers are not suckers. Buying a $25 Chef Jacket does not save you money if it only last 6 months. Better to pay $50 and have the jacket last for years. 

Our customers recognize this and that's why we've been successful for over 33 years.