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Full Length White Chef Bib Apron (Pocket)

Full Length White Chef Bib Apron (Pocket)

Global Chef
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GLOBAL CHEF ~ Designed by Chefs for Chefs
SKU: C800

The  C800 White Bib apron with front pocket is our premium longer Full Bib apron, this apron is more comfortable, attractive and durable than most

  • Using 'same fabric' 1m long ties instead of the nylon tape ties of other aprons
  • Features rolled seams and gate stitching where ties are joined to the corners for added strength and comfort.
  • Available in Single Pack.
  • Made with our premium 220gsm 65/35 Polyester Cotton fabric milled especially for our brands.
  • (Approximate size 100x87cm)

The C800 White Full Bib apron is a popular apron for day to day use for both front of house and back of house staff.