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Traditional A100 Chef Jacket
Navy Stripe Bib Apron
B100 Check Chef pants
Chef Hat


Global Chef
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Full Unisex Student Kit

Includes ONE complete set in the same size Jacket you choose for the entire kit.

This great value Chef Uniform Combination Kit by Global Chef® is the Premium Choice and includes:

  • 1x A100 premium Classic Traditional Double Breasted Chef Jacket (Long Sleeve)
  • 1 x B100 Premium Traditional Check Super Comfortable Chef Pants
  • 1 x C808 Premium chef Dark Navy Stripe BIB apron* (87cm x 110cm) with Adjustable neck 
  • 1 x D100 premium flat-top chef Hat (appropriate size will be shipped e.g. if you order size 2XL-4XL kit we will send you the largest size XL hat) 
  • 1 x E100 White Chef Scarf (One size fits all) 

Chef Uniform Size Chart